Mali primitives dressed and dancing, African women with woven baskets, South Western Kokopelli figures playing flute. American flags unfurled...hey, Aloha Ma says, be LOUD and PROUD!

Banners of Pride $62.50
BANNERS OF PRIDE HAS FLOWN THE COOP. IIT DIDN'T TAKE LONG TO SELL OUT....THERE ARE A LOT OF PATRIOTIC DUDES OUT THERE! Don't be afraid to wear your pride on your sleeve with these red, white and blue banners flying in the breeze.
Kamba Woman $62.50
Fine featured African women motif balancing baskets on their heads against a red rust speckled background.
Mali Primitive $62.50
Just plain spooky critters on this unique print on a shaded blue background. SOMEBODY PUT A HEX ON MALI PRIMITIVE AND THEY'VE ALL GONE AWAY...THIS POPULAR PRIMITIVE IS NOW EXTINCT!
Viva Frida
!QUE LASTIMA! NO MAS VIVA FRIDA SHIRTS! SHE HAS GONE ADIOS! Like a vision from the creative mind of Frida Kahlo this shirt flows with artistic icons that mean....that mean.....uuuh, well Aloha Ma dosnít EXCATLY know what went on in lovely Fridaís mind but she does know anytime you wear this to an artistic opening, someoneís gonna say to themself, "Now THATíS a cool shirt!Ē Fida comes in background and green. Ma says e-mail for a sample jpg of both colors.
Legal Eagle $62.50
Legal Eagle...Our National bird mixing it up with the American Standard....Ya' just can't beat that. Show people you mean business when you wear this patriotic salute. And, like Aloha Ma says, "Don't forget to vote, Ya' hear!!" THANK FOR ALL YOU LEGAL EAGLE LOVERS OUT THERE....WE HAVE NOW SOLD OUT OF THIS POPULAR PRINT!
Lady Liberty $62.50
The big green lady that greeted 99% of our ancestors can now greet you when you open your closet door! American flags and the New York skyline stretch from sleeve to shinnig sleeve. Let people know youíre a Liberty Lover when you where this Aloha Ma favorite!

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