Remember Dobie Gillis, Maynard G. Krebs, and Bob Cummings as a glamour photographer in,


Lava Flow $62.50
You better get use to hearing, “Dude, Scha-MOKIN’ shirt!” when you wear this one. Orange and yellow flame burning up on a black background.
Bewitched $62.50
ATTENTION EVERY ONE, ALOHA MA'S FAVORITE HALLOWEEN SHIRT IS NOW OUT OF PRINT! IT DIDN'T TAKE LONG TO SELL OUT--SCARY! Bewitching, beguiling and be cool with these beautifully spooky pin -up witches on a dark blue background.
Aloha Woody $62.50
Why settle for one woody when you can have several? Surfboard toting Woody classics heading to Hawaiian beaches on a red background. Vintage Hawaiian state plates tie the Woodys together.
Babes On Bikes $62.50
Bodacious babes vamping on big wheeled motorcycles with a cream colored background. Hey......better keep your eyes on the road Sparky!
Silver Fleet $62.50
A red Ferrari style sports car , a Route 66 sign and a winged spark plug on a gray-blue back ground will make sure you’re the coolest looking grease monkey in the garage when you wear this beaut!
Flaming Lips $62.50
You'll be the HOT STUFF with this Aloha Ma's hand sewn Flaming Lips Hawaiian shirt! Black background with HOT orange flames. We supply the flames.....YOU supply the lips!

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