Remember Dobie Gillis, Maynard G. Krebs, and Bob Cummings as a glamour photographer in,


Island Girls $62.50
This is what Aloha Ma's is all about..... bathing beauties hanging all over you. Reminenscent of the WWll bomber nose art, these retro pin-up figures smile and do what they do best----LOOK GREAT! And you will too when you slip into this Aloha Ma's favorite. Razzle Dazzle colors on a medium blue background. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL OUR ISLAND GIRLS HAVE RUN OFF WITH A GROUP OF HAOLIES AND TAKEN THEIR SHIRTS WITH THEM. THIS POPULAR PRINT IS NOW OUT OF STOCK.
Great American Pastime $62.50
We couldn't think of a better name for this shirt that shows pin-up beauties fishing, campstove cooking, snow skiing and..and...and sitting on a bear skin rug in front of a roaring fireplace. Aloha Ma says, "I LOVE AMERICA!"
Wild West $62.50
Aloha Ma thinks Roy Rogers and Gene Autry would'a met at high noon to see who would be the first to wear this shirt that shows western pin-ups ridin' ropin' and shootin' on a dark blue or red background. Let us know which color ropes you in!
Adventures Of Ni
You want adventure when you venture? Try wearing the exploits of Ni. A woman of action illustrated in a comic book style. Subtle oranges and yellows with a splash of turquoise show NI as a Spy...Model...or just Miss Understood? OOPS!.....NI NOW SLEEPS WITH THE FISHES.....SHE'S NOT IN STOCK...SHE HAS BEEN TERMINATED 8-{
Tonga of the Jungle $62.50
Be a swinger with TONGA as she tames the beasts without and within. Just be careful when you're driving and keep your eyes on the road and... STOP STARING AT YOUR SHIRT!! TONGA HAS LEFT THE JUNGLE! WE ARE NOW SOLD OUT OF THIS, ONE OF OUR FAVORITE SHIRTS!
Wahine $62.50
Blooming orchids, palm trees and grass huts surround this lovely vintage Wahine looking longingly at her open-ended lei. PLEASE NOTE: Wahine comes with an off white OR on a light blue background. Be sure to designate which you prefer with your order.
Tattoo You $62.50
SORRY, THIS POPULAR RETRO SHIRT IS NOW OF STOCK..OUR INK RAN OUT! In the traditions of the great Sailor Jerry Collins and Charlie Wagner, who did some of his greatest work skin deep in New York’s Bowery, Aloha Ma believes sometimes you have to wear your heart on your Aloha Ma Hawaiian shirt sleeve of course! Unique, traditional tattoo designs on a light tan-flesh toned background show you're not afraid of a little ink on your shirt!
Route 66 $62.50
Come get your KICKS!!!!!!! Feel the wind blowing through your hair when you "cruz the gut" in your Route 66 Aloha Ma Hawaiian shirt. Retro state designs with Woodys and Corvettes on a white background. HEY....THANKS KIDS! NOW DUE TO YOUR FINE TASTE AND ORDERS THIS PRINT IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE! BUT KEEP YOUR HANDS ON THE WHEEL!
You just can't go wrong with swimsuit wearing girls and Woodys. This shirt features a bevy of beach beauties posing in bouquets of flowers with different style Woodys thrown in for good measure. All this on a bad azz black background.
Senorita Rita $62.50
Celebrate the fiesta with muchas senoritas all named....RITA! Ritas, roses, cactus and Spanish missions on a light blue background. You just CAN'T be down when you wear one of these. OH NO SENOR BILL..ONLY ONE XXL SHIRT LEFT! NO OTHER SIZES IN THIS POPULAR PRINT!

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