Aloha Ma says, "WE don't do florals"....unless of course it's unique and tickles Ma's fancy. Most of the fabric we use is retro 1940's-50's style pin-up and in your face "lookey at my shirt" print. We have creative Oriental designs for your more subtle moods (sometimes ya wanna scream and sometimes ya just wanna whisper). African, Southwest and some spooky designs add to that, "I'm gonna be me," feeling (even on those times when you're not sure just WHO you are). Please note that because of our unique prints and because the fabric producers have stopped making alot of our choice designs, Aloha Mas is running low on several of our most popular shirts....WE REGRET THE INCONVENIENCE.

Our shirts are 100% cotton, hand made in the U.S. of A. and color fast so you're gonna look as sharp next year as you will next week wearing an Aloha Ma. CHECK OUT OUR SPECIAL PRICES NOW FOR YOUR UNIQUE ALOHA MA LOOK!

We go to the ends of the Earth (at least to the other end of the beach) to find these designs. The search never ends.....sort of like that eternal wave that's out there somewhere with your name on it.

Why Aloha Ma puts her labels on the OUTSIDE? "We had so many people say, 'Hey Ma, I wanna show off the label and my neck's getting achey tryin' to turn around and look at it all the time.'" Now --- all you have to do is look down and you got Aloha Ma's label at your fingertips. But, Aloha Ma says, "When you show off your label.......USE YOUR MANNERS!"

Aloha Ma uses only coconut buttons straight from the Hawaiian islands. "There's no buttons like coconut to keep your shirt on," Ma says.

"If the pocket don't match the's not Aloha Ma's," says.........Aloha Ma. We use extra material to make sure the pocket blends in with the left side panel so the overall unique design is not busted up with an out of place, left over, picked up off the cutting floor piece of scrap material.

Someone mentioned we should call our shirts The Cahonies Collection..... why call these pieces that? Because like Aloha Ma says,"You gotta have a lotta of 'em to wear THESE shirts!"

Aloha Ma says, "Every day is Hawaiian Shirt day!"

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